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Simulation Design and Curriculum

Worked with a group to design a simulation center. Created multiple simulation scenarios and designed simulation curriculum after needs assessment of community emergency department nurses, physicians, and physician extenders. Raised funds for further simulation design and staffing. As a group, recipient of Johns Hopkins Innovations in Care award.



Central Venous Catheter Placement

Edited existing central venous catheter placement module and developed new module with original ultrasound videos and novel time-course arrangement, removing extraneous information. Made recommendations for further central line modules, including subspecialized modules and refresher courses.



Obstetrics and Gynecology

Developed comprehensive emergency OB-GYN curriculum as part of residency core curriculum. Designed and recommended small-group sessions, shorter lectures, visual diagnosis, and pharmacology-in-pregnancy lectures



Ortho Hors D'ouvres

Developed and presented case-based and integrated orthopedics learning points throughout the year to generate repeated exposure to orthopedics injury and better retention of principles.

Residency Handbook


Residency Handbook Editing

Edited one-third of existing residency handbook. Updated several interdepartmental protocols, updated recommended consultation and procedural practice, included updated information regarding pulmonologic, radiologic, and ENT emergencies. Coordinated effort to add index to handbook for easier searching.

Dotphrase Database


Improved Access to Charting Resources

Read over 1000 existing smartphrases within residency participants. Included each smartphrase in a spreadsheet database accessible to all residents. Developed movie describing sharing and using smartphrases. Disseminated information via hands-on workshop and internet module.

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