Assistant Program Director

Emergency Medicine Residency

Stanford University School of Medicine


Clinical Assistant Professor (Affiliate)

Stanford University School of Medicine


Attending Physician

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara


Employee of the month 02/2020

Physician of the month 06/2019


Deputy Editor in Chief

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine



Contributing Orthopedics Editor

Dynamed Plus


Attending Physician

Site Clerkship Director

SCOPE Physician Liaison

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center


Adjunct Faculty

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


Attending Physician

Sibley Memorial Hospital 


Special Interests

Band member

Arts and crafts aficionado

Long walker

Novice swimmer

Reader of many books, including cheesy science fiction starring strong female heroines



Emergency Medicine at University of California, San Francisco

07/2012 -  07/2016

Recipient of the SD award

2014-2015 Outstanding Resident Medical Student Educator Award

2015-2016 UCSF Excellence and Innovation in Graduate Medical Education Award. 

Area of Distinction and Pathways program completion in Medical Education

MD at Stanford University School of Medicine

08/2008 - 06/2012

Recipient of Kolos, McIvor, and Robert M Ferguson scholarships

Recipient of Stanford Medical Scholar Award


Business Administrative Intern at Northwestern Memorial Hospital


Built and coded physician dashboard for assessing metrics in medical management of chronic diabetics.


BA in Biology at Washington University in St Louis

06/2003 - 04/2007

Honors: 3.93 GPA

Recipient of Ramirez and Olonzo y Losada scholarships

Phi Beta Kappa

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Silverio LM. Guest Lecturer. "Sepsis in the Field" DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services Grand Rounds. March 28, 2017. 

Silverio LM, Cheung EV. Patient adherence with postoperative restrictions after rotator cuff repair. J Shoulder Elbow Surg. 2014 Apr;23(4):508-13. 


Cheung EV, Silverio LM, Sperling JW. Strategies in biologic augmentation of rotator cuff repair: a review. Clin Orthop Relat Res. 2010 Jun;468(6):1476-84.


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Cirrito JR, Kang JE, Lee J, Stewart FR, Verges DK, Silverio LM, Bu G, Mennerick S, Holtzman DM. Endocytosis is required for synaptic activity-dependent release of amyloid-beta in vivo. Neuron. 2008 Apr 10;58(1):42-51.





Sibley Memorial Hospital Sim Council

Physician Director

03/2017- 01/2018

Initiated development of a  robust simulation program for high acuity adult emergencies. Ultimate aim was to augment regular clinical experiences with hands-on and just-in-time learning and training. 

Residency Curriculum Development


Worked in series of teams to redesign EM residency curriculum including creating and directing new block models and small group sessions for obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, and pulmonology. Efforts have focused on incorporating small-group discussions, shorter lecture times, increased asynchronous learning, and increased resident involvement. 


Reviewer of Applicants to the UCSF-SFGH Emergency Medicine Residency


Read and evaluate over 200 applications to attend the UCSF-SFGH residency.


Reviewer of Applicants to the VESP Emergency Medicine Sub-Intern Scholarship


Read and evaluated applications of individuals who have overcome financial or cultural adversity to enter medical school and who plan on continuing training in emergency medicine.


Resident liaison to UCSF EMIG


Assisted medical students in running 6 annual emergency medicine-focused events including simulation, skills sessions, case series, and research forums. Ran the UCSF EMentor program in which preclinical medical students can work with and shadow emergency medicine residents in the department. 


Resident lead for UCSF Noracal EMIG Symposium 


Assisted medical students in running 150-person annual symposium, focusing this year on global emergency medicine.  Symposium features small group skills sessions, 4-6 speakers, and community physician and emergency medicine residency director panels.


Member of Medication Administration Safety Committee



SAEM Conference Abstract Reviewer


Read and evaluated 30 abstracts for presentation at the 2014 SAEM annual conference.

Awards and

Member, American College of Emergency Physicians